About Ventral Hernia

Incisional hernia, also often referred to as Ventral Hernias, may occur in the area of any prior surgical incision. These hernias can vary in size from very small to very large and complex. Incisional hernias develop in up to 11% of surgical abdominal wounds with a possible recurrence following older, conventional, suture-only type repairs of up to 44%. These hernias most commonly develop as the result of:


Pain in abdomen
Pain and tenderness over lump
Abdominal distension
Severe colicky abdominal pain

These hernias may develop soon after the original surgery, or at any time thereafter. Most however become evident within 2 years or less of the initial surgery, Incisional Hernias gradually increase in size once they develop and become progressively more symptomatic. A bulge may not be evident at the hernia site initially and pain may be the only early symptom. These hernias develop in many cases as a result of too much tension placed when closing the abdominal incision, as stated above. Tension creates poor healing, swelling, wound separation and eventual incisional hernia formation.




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