Welcome to Pittsburgh Hernia Center!

Do you or your loved ones have a ventral hernia or incisional hernia? 

Have you had repairs in the past that have failed using mesh?

Have surgeons told you that they can’t help you fix the hernia?

If you do, then this site can help you learn more about your problem and hear about novel techniques that may be possible for your hernia repair.  At Pittsburgh Hernia Center, We believe that a comprehensive approach to this difficult problem can result in a technically better surgery with decreased chance of needing another repair. 

At our hernia center, we work with general surgeons, plastic surgeons to come up with the right technique and materials to fix your hernia.  We specialize in meshless hernia surgery which allows us to fix hernias without using artificial plastic materials like mesh and using your own abdominal muscles to close even the biggest hernias.

We have patients come from around the country to get our expertise and we are involved in cutting edge research to discover even better methods in the future.  We urge you to look over the site and contact us if you think we can help you with your difficult problem.




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